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David's New York style pastrami was created by radio personalities, Rachel and David Michael Cane, hosts of "A Matter of Taste", a culinary travel show, heard on Green 960AM KKGN Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area. David's desire was to recreate the flavors of the meat he remembered from his youth, growing up in New York. Today, most pastrami doesn't resemble the classic taste that was popularized in the great delis of the East Coast. It seems that the art of that slow-cooked, authentic pastrami was lost, and today, top round of beef is often substituted for the traditional brisket or navel cut.

The beef used in David’s Old World Brand Pastrami is the finest quality USDA Choice grade 1st cut briskets and navels available. It is brined and slow-cured, and hand rubbed with a special blend of garlic and spices. It is then slowly smoked over real hardwood fires, and then steamed to the perfect texture. There are no artificial colorings or flavorings added. The attention to taste of this hand made artisanal product is evident when you bite into the tender meat. The meat is ready to eat, however it is best enjoyed when heated.

Unlike most commercially made pastrami, David does not use caramel coloring, phosphates or liquid smoke. The meat is not injected or tumbled, which is a method used by commercial producers to add water weight back into the meat. These elements tend to make a less natural tasting product. We encourage you to try this unique old-world pastrami and taste for yourself.

TO FIND DAVID’S OLD WORLD BRAND PASTRAMI, look in these fine stores: Dry Creek General Store Healdsburg, Molsberry’s Market Larkfield Center, Oakville Grocery and Big John’s in Healdsburg, Sonoma Market, Woodlands Market Kentfield, Mill Valley Market Mill Valley, Roberts of Woodside, The Cheese Shop Rockridge Market Hall and Berkeley, Golden Gate Butchers by the Bay at Ferry Plaza, S.F. Bi-Rite Market S.F., and Cheese Plus on Polk Street.

Make sure to visit ‘wichcraft at the Westfield San Francisco Centre for a great pastrami sandwich made with David’s Old World Brand Pastrami. Our pastrami is also available for lunch at Lark Creek in Walnut Creek, Dierk's Parkside Cafe in Santa Rosa and Elephants Deli in Portland, Oregon. We're pleased to announce David's Old World Brand ALL NATURAL Pastrami is now available at Whole Foods Markets in Northern California and Reno, Nevada.

DAVID’S OLD WORLD BRAND HAM™ Taste our latest creation. Great hams have been made for centuries so we at David’s Old World Foods saw no reason to modernize something that needed no improvement. To make our ham, we simply cure our pork in a solution of water, salt and brown sugar. The result is a precious ham with dense firm texture and a balanced flavor with just a hint of sweetness and light applewood smoke. Unlike most ham in the market ours is defined by the U.S.D.A. as a ham, meaning no added water or phosphates. But see for yourself. Our ham is fully cooked and ready to be sliced and eaten as is. Available at Golden Gate Butchers by the Bay at Ferry Plaza Building S.F. For a great croque monsieur, the classic French ham and cheese sandwich, Little House Café in Alameda serves up one of the best using our Ham. Paradise Foods in Corte Madera features a delicious grilled panini with brie, crisp sliced apples, honey mustard and our Ham. Stop by ‘wichcraft in the Westfield Centre San Francisco, and taste David’s Ham in all their ham sandwiches, and our latest product, David’s dry-cured applewood smoked bacon as well.