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Migration from Golden Eye Winery

2007 Pinot Noir

Anderson Valley, California

The vintage 2007 was exceptional in most growing regions of California. This vintage of Migration represents the finest effort to date from winemaker Zach Rasmuson. The initial impression of aromas is luscious cherry, berry, exotic herbal spices and tones of roses, vanilla and rich earth. The flavors are mesmerizing because of the complexity of elements on your palate such as ripe summer pluots, orange blossoms, blackberries and white chocolate. Compelling to drink now, it is perfectly paired with a wide variety of foods such as duck, pan roast chicken with earthy mushroom ragouts of morels, shiitake, chanterelles or button mushrooms sauteed in butter. Lighter meats such as veal with herbs or plank roast salmon will show off this hedonistic wine. The cow cheese varieties, in particular the ripe aged cheeses like camembert or brie, Italian Piave, Epoisses from the Burgundy region of France on rustic bread can stand alone with the Migration and will definitely bring a smile to your face

Available nationally

Suggested retail $34.00